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We help to recover taxes for the period of the last 3 years. The first inspection of a tax declaration and information about possible tax return is free of charge.

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We help to fill in application forms for a child benefit (barnetrygd), parental benefit (foreldrepenger), unemployment benefit (dagpenger) and consult on other benefits.


Litnor Accounting AS - full-service accounting services in Norway


We can order E106 form, European Health Insurance Card, translate various documents and order credit reports.

Litnor consulting

Litnor Consulting AS is a consulting company operating in Norway. We do our best to ascertain the needs of our clients and offer them the most favourable solutions, taking into account the legislation of Norway and experience of other clients.

Briefly about
Litnor Consulting AS

Litnor Consulting AS is a consulting company in Norway that helps its clients to fill in various application forms:

  • concerning child benefits, benefits for single mothers/fathers, cash benefits (barnetrygd, utvidet barnetrygd, kontantstøtte);
  • concerning unemployment benefits (dagpenger ved arbeidsløshet og permittering);
  • concerning parental benefits, lump-sum grants on birth or adoption (engangsstønad, foreldrepenger).

We also help to:

  • register new enterprises, such as a sole proprietorship (Enk), limited company (AS), Norwegian-registered foreign enterprises (NUF);
  • submit tax returns, write appeals for the last 3 years;
  • order E106 form;
  • order a European Health Insurance Card;
  • fill in the registration scheme for EU/EEA nationals at UDI, arrange appointment time;
  • order credit reports;
  • translate various documents (to/from Lithuanian, English, Norwegian and other languages)

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email [email protected]

Why us?

Professional team

Professional team

Secure, reliable, confidential

Secure, reliable, confidential

Recomendations of clients

Recomendations of clients

Affordable pricing

Affordable pricing

Sistem in place

Sistem in place

Litnor Consulting AS - services for private people

Org. nr. 916 337 809



[email protected]

Selma Ellefsens vei 6, 0581 Oslo, room 2C12. We kindly ask to call us and arrange a meeting time before arriving to the officeKaip mus rasti?

Working time :

Monday- Thursday: 9-17
Friday: 9-15

Litnor Accounting AS - accounting services

Org. nr. 819 731 942


[email protected]

Selma Ellefsens vei 6, 0581 Oslo, room 2C15. We kindly ask to call us and arrange a meeting time before arriving to the office

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